5 Random Acts of Kindness towards Planet Earth

Originally from New Zealand, the National Random Acts of Kindness day quickly made its way around the globe and for almost a decade reminds us how good it feels to be kind. Often we forget that kindness has many forms and being gentle with our environment is as important as being nice to each other. So whether you have a sustainable lifestyle or you keep forgetting your reusable bags in the car, let's take a moment today and do at least one kind gesture for the planet Earth. 

Bring a reusable mug or container

If you are buying coffee or food, don’t forget the cute reusable containers you have around your house. 

No store bag 

Whether you are at the store for a few items or have a box of leftovers at the restaurant you can always say no to the bag.

Walk or bike to work

It’s good for the environment and for your health plus it feels nice, and you know it.


If you love fashion and have a pile of clothing you’re not wearing, donate, recreate, or repurpose them. 

Buy a conscious product 

Support a brand with a cause. Buy something you need from a small and green business. 

And don’t forget to show kindness to yourself and the people around you. 

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