Our Mission

With the seriousness of the current climate crisis, we work and focus on not only not harming the planet but having a net positive impact. Since 2017 we continuously develop our high standards for environmental friendliness, and we are scaling our business while prioritizing the effect, all with the support from our customers who believe in our mission.

Since day one, our small team of professionals has constantly been working toward completely green production and minimizing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. Our biodegradable tights are produced and packed by women in a small family-owned factory in North Macedonia, Europe. As a green and fair-trade company, one of our priorities is to educate about the impact of the fashion industry on global pollution and how important it is to make concuss shopping choices and be part of the solution.

By purifying and reusing the water for dying and using only ORGANIC colors and ORGANIC finishing formula to avoid water pollution in the first place, we reduced freshwater consumption in the long term. At the moment, we use eco-friendly technology that is energy efficient while constantly working and investing towards switching to completely “green” production.

It is a long journey to make a better product in a better way.