Our Story

Four Twenty Two is family owned business and lifestyle brand that offers biodegradable hosier apparel. We seek to celebrate, empower and serve current and future generations of conscious consumers. By creating tights that feature an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, and style, all at an affordable price, and by making them safe for the planet at the same time, we redefine the word tights in every single way.

With the environment and the concuss consumers in mind we created the first biodegradable tights with Aloe Vera and antibacterial features. We used an Italian masterpiece yarn to produce the very unique product that not only protects the planet but also protects and nurtures the skin. Packed in FSC-certified paper packaging we are proud to offer the best biodegradable tights for both the plant and the consumer on the market.

We are making small steps in the big fashion industry, the same one that brings beauty to this world but unintentionally slowly destroys the environment.

The Four Twenty Two tights with Aloe Vera were created so we can encourage you to step in this colorful, organic, eco product and walk with us on our mission to make this world better for the next generations.