Products and Materials

The Four Twenty Two tights are designed with leading knowledge and the best materials to enhance your daily comfort and protect your skin.

We created our tights with both the environment and the customer in mind. The combination of a 100% biodegradable smart yarn called Amni Soul Eco® with simple Aloe Vera formula simultaneously delivers the best experience for the planet and our customers. We use certified ORGANIC and VEGAN colors for dyeing and ORGANIC finishing formula, which means no harmful chemicals on your skin and minimum harm to the planet. But the best part is no more itchy legs and funny smell because of the Aloe Vera formula's nourishing, calming, and antibacterial features.

Made of 96% Amni Soul Eco® and only 6% lycra (unfortunately, there is no more sustainable alternative for this one in the hosiery industry yet), our tights can decompose way faster than the traditional ones. Unlike the standard tights that need up to 200 years to be gone entirely from this planet, our stockings, after proper landfilling, turn into organic matter biomass and biogas in less than five years, which can become a new resource for the environment.
While leaving the smallest waste amount possible and being gentle to the touch, breathable, and moisture absorbent, the Four Twenty Two tights are the best choice for all who want to change the world and fight fashion pollution.

We strive to work only with the highest quality materials while creating and producing well-known and beloved products more consciously. We dedicated ourselves to continuously improving our products and choosing only the best available materials in the industry.