Care Guide

Even though the FourTwentyTwo tights are made of the best sustainable materials, they can’t defeat dog handshakes, zippers, or jewelry, but with good care, they will last longer. So here are five simple tips on making the most of your favorite pair.

  1. Choose the right size.

You can find the size chart in the product’s gallery, and if you are in-between sizes, we recommend purchasing the bigger size.

  1. Stretch them before wearing them.

Gently stretch them by putting one hand on the foot and the other on the top of the tights before wearing them. It will help prepare the yarn to stretch better onto your body.

  1. Make sure your nails are smooth.

Check your nails and remove all your jewelry before putting them on. Tights are very sensitive to sharp objects. We also recommend wearing socks over them, especially with heavier shoes.

  1. Gently scrunch them up, one leg at a time.

Pull the tight up to your knee, then do the same with the other leg; pull only from the bottom, this will leave enough yarn for your thighs. Do the same to pull them over the thighs and hips. If you feel too much yarn is in one spot or the yarn is uneven, remove the tights and repeat the process, trying to pull as evenly as possible.

  1. Wash them on a delicate cycle and avoid the dryer.

We recommend you wash your tights once every two or three wears, on a delicate cycle, preferably in a washing bag, to avoid snagging on things like zippers or any heavy-duty wear. Our tights retain their shape and fit if air-dried same as any delicate clothing. Wash with like colors.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns regarding your tights and how to prolong their longevity. We love to discuss pantyhose.