Revolutionizing Fashion: Two continents one mission


Meet our European Parent Company and Manufacturer 

In an era where sustainability has become more than just a buzzword, it's important to stay informed where our cloths come from. Meet the team that is wholeheartedly dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. Almost 7 years ago, few “like minded” fashion lovers from two different continents formed a dynamic duo dedicated to weaving sustainability into style. What we see today on the market as April 22 in Europe and FourTwentyTwo in USA was once a single idea and a beginning of a lifelong sustainable journey for two entities. Guided by the heartfelt words of our visionary founder Sanja Lazarevska, we were able to follow one mission and spread it across two continents. 

The beginning of a Fashion Revolution from Our Founder's Perspective


As a   young female entrepreneur, I celebrated Planet Earth Day a couple of years ago and realized that I couldn’t continue my father’s hosiery business without pondering the repercussions of “Fast Fashion” on our planet’s future generations. This revelation led me to a crossroads where I had to choose between sustainability and style. However, I knew that I couldn’t rest until I found a way to make both a reality.

Driven by my deep believe that Fashion should be Green and Green should be fashionable, I gathered some “like minded” fashion lovers and paired them with most passionate and nerdy textile techies to create APRIL22. Small tights brand that is aiming to create the biggest tides in the fashion hosiery industry. Tides that will help the industry become a force for good, helping young generations change the way they think about what they wear and why they wear it.

The founder of Four Twenty Two, sustainable hosiery brand, the founder is hugging the planet earth, she is wearing blue bio degradable tights with Aloe Vera

A Commitment to Sustainability

Sanja’s perspective embodies the essence of our philosophy, which revolves around creating a harmonious blend of fashion and sustainability. With this ideology as our driving force, we embarked on a journey to create products that not only make individuals feel confident and stylish but also contribute positively to the environment.

What sets our bio-degradable tights and socks apart is not just our commitment to using sustainable materials but also the exquisite craftsmanship that accompanies them. Every thread weaved into our products represents a dedication to quality, durability, and responsibility. These signature bio-degradable tights and socks are not only a fashion statement but also a step towards reducing fashion's waste. 

As a premium reseller we share the same commitment to promoting sustainable fashion and spreading awareness about the importance of responsible consumption. Together with April 22, we contribute to a global movement that aims to reshape the fashion industry, one bio-degradable product at a time.

Future Forward: A Fashionable Tomorrow

Looking ahead, we envision a world where eco-friendly fashion isn't just a trend but a way of life. We strive to expand our product line, exploring new avenues to create more bio-degradable fashion items that cater to various preferences and styles.

Our focus on sustainable materials not only reduces the strain on our planet but also encourages consumers to make conscious choices when it comes to their wardrobe.

This transatlantic partnership is a reminder that sustainability is a collective effort and ensures that the innovative bio-degradable products reach a broader audience. Our products serve as a reminder that style doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment. They stand as a bridge between two worlds that have often been considered at odds – the world of fashion and the world of sustainability.

With our unwavering commitment to sustainability, our two entities are proving that fashion and eco-consciousness can coexist harmoniously.

As we slip into our bio-degradable tights and socks, we're not just embracing a trend; we're embodying a philosophy – a philosophy that resonates with the words of our visionary founder: Celebrating Earth Day should be our daily duty.

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