The High Cost of Water Consumption by the Fashion Industry

Since 1993, March 22 is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of water. As two billion people are already affected by water shortages in over 40 countries it's important to consider the role of the fashion industry in water conservation. 

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, with pollution occurring at every stage of garment production, from dying and washing fabrics to producing synthetic fibers. To make matters worse, most of this water is not recycled and ends up being discharged back into the environment. This leads to water scarcity and contamination, which affects local ecosystems and the people who depend on them. 

At Four Twenty Two, we recognize the need to reduce water consumption and have taken steps to do this. Our finishing formula and organic colors are designed to reduce water consumption and waste, while our water reuse system ensures that treated wastewater is put back into the production process. Implementing this process reduced the amount of freshwater we use and helped us meet our goal of becoming a sustainable fashion brand. 

 It is essential that more fashion brands reduce the amount of water they use and adopt more sustainable production processes. Protecting the environment from unnecessary pollution like the one from fabric dye or avoiding thirsty crops like cotton will safeguard our water resources and help prevent.

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