Toxic Chemical in Clothing You Should Know About

Chemical exposure from clothing and textiles has become a major public health concern in recent years. A variety of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, are treated with various chemicals to improve the fabric's properties. The commonly used AZO dyes and their derivates are water-soluble, which makes them easy for your skin to absorb. When all of these chemicals and dyes break down they are bad news for any living creature who comes in contact with them. It should come as no surprise that they can increase the risk of developing cancer or other potentially harmful long-term health impacts. Although proven to be carcinogenic these dyes are still a popular solution for the cheap producers of garments. Choosing what we put on our skin has never been more important. But how to minimize the risk of exposure to these hazardous substances when there are no specific regulations that explicitly restrict AZO dyes in the United States?

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The good news is that with the growing awareness about sustainability and eco-friendliness, more brands are opting for natural dyes over chemical ones. Natural dyes are derived from plants and minerals and are considered to be safer for both the customer and the environment. The combination of natural and bio-degradable materials with natural dyes makes clothes safe for your skin and gentle on the environment. Look for clothing that has organic or eco-certification and is dyed with plant-based colors or not dyed at all. Because we wear garments like underwear, socks, and tights for a long time during the day, it’s important to choose products that are breathable and safe for our skin. 

Organic and vegan colors, like the ones used for dying the Four Twenty Two Tights, are not only safe for the end customer but also for the environment in general. The Aloe Vera finishing formula has been proven to be antibacterial and healthy for the skin while the bio-degradable material is breathable and offers gentle support to your lags. 

These green products are products of the future where fashion becomes an act of nature, not an act against it. 

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